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Town Lake – Austin TX

January 28th, 2016

Goofing off at Town Lake!

Random Nonsense…

January 28th, 2016

Wherein, I fool around with the camera and take some interesting shots around the house and other areas. Enjoy!

McKinney Falls State Park

January 28th, 2016

Testing out an old camera of mine. Whee…

LBJ Ranch

January 28th, 2016

Various rolls shot at the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall, TX.

Highlights of the visit include:

  • Sauer-Beckmann farm.
    Junction School (where LBJ went as a kid.
    Cemetery and Birthplace.
    LBJ’s grandparents’ home.
    Ranch fields.
    Hangar & Air Force One-Half
  • Stay tuned for part two of the LBJ ranch tour!

    Note: If the images appear to go back in time, it’s because they are. You are seeing four rolls of film posted back to back, I was shooting with a couple of different cameras for this shoot! Don’t panic!

    Missions of San Antonio

    January 11th, 2016

    From Espada to Concepcion.

    Not Near Enough…

    January 12th, 2015


    Holding my hands together, holding my feet together, holding myself together in this near wild Heaven.


    Looks like I skipped the annual dusting of the blog last year and went straight onto the following year after that with nary a post. Well, apart from some Minecraft pics I tucked away as I use the blog more for a cheap image host than for actual writing.

    So, what’s new with me these days? What brings me back for a biennial reunion with keyboard and trusty blog?

    Honestly, I don’t know.

    I mean, I’ve long since abandoned this little corner of the internet. Hell, my friend Doug’s vanished from my life almost ten years ago and yet I still cling on to the old website. I kept thinking I’d do something with it, that I’d make some spectacular comeback someday. Quality Television would rise again and with it my hopes of reaching for that elusive star in the distance.

    It’s funny to peer at the website these days. With crap ancient web.1 look, ancient flash graphics, bounded tables that I was so proud to code back in the day. This year will be the 12th anniversary since D and I started that site and it was a ton of fun back then. I suspect he’s had a mess of kids by now, at least I hope so.

    A lot happened since ’13. Lost my troublemakin’ but beloved dog, got a new and very sweet dog. Fled my adopted homeland in the country for a new exciting experience in the Big City with some dear friends nearby.

    Lost my granddad (who’ll always be my first best friend) to old age and I never said I was sorry for that one time I broke his heart. Lost my ex, but then again, she lost me. Met someone better and the future looks bright indeed.

    And started to do a hell of a lot of exploring. I’m all about adventures these days and after denying myself the opportunity to cut loose and have a little fun for so long, I’m finally doing what I said I always wanted to do.

    I am being myself.

    Just Needed the Proper Motivation…

    April 4th, 2013

    Conversation with a friend as I tried to motivate myself to purge the filth from my hovel. Thought y’all would enjoy:

    Friend: Good morning :)

    Me: Good morning! :)
    How are you this fine Thursday?

    Friend: I just realized its Thursday and I’m moving in 2 days

    Me: The excitement mounts…

    Friend: I’ve been thinking it’s Wednesday all day

    Me: lol
    I’m still used to having Weds off, so Thurs I keep thinking I’m late.

    Friend: Hehe
    Yay days off!

    Me: Indeed.
    Trying to decide how I shall spend it.
    I do have tons of chores I’ve been neglecting.
    But it’s still cold and I’m lazy right now.

    Friend: Haha atta boy!

    Me: XD
    I guess if I even knew where to start that’d help, but…

    * Me scrunches down farther in his chair.

    Friend: Start with item #1!

    Me: Already did that. Her Majesty gets obnoxious if her litter tray is out of control.

    Friend: Then move on to #2
    Can you tell I’m a list person?

    Me: Already did that. His Majesty gets obnoxious if there are tweeting birds to bark at and they haven’t been barked at properly.
    I usually am as well, but then either ADD or OCD kicks in.
    Depending on the mood.

    Friend: Lol
    Well so far you have emptied a litter box and destroyed the entire avian population. I think you’ve been productive enough for today

    Me: Purging the filth and committing genocide?
    Was this how Stalin felt every day?
    1. Kill the dissidents.
    2. Invade Georgia
    3. Light lunch and a nap.
    4. Clean the litter box.

    Friend: 5. Dust my porcelain cat collection

    Me: 6. Listen to Charlie McCarthy or Little Orphan Annie.
    7. Shoot five spies at random for light entertainment.
    8. Huge dinner.

    Friend: 9. Establish more gulags
    (At least 3)

    Me: 10. Shoot five more spies, dressed as American Imperialist Ronald McDonald clowns
    11. Poop time!

    Friend: 12. Polish nuclear warheads

    Me: 13. Get into PJ’s
    14. Invade Tajikistan
    15. Beet Ice Cream! Yaaay! <3 16. Cheat on Mrs Stalin — Again. 17. Beddy Bye! Friend: 18. Dream of all the US to be destroyed in a freak volcanic eruption Me: lol XD Friend: Hehehe * Me scratches off “morning hilarity” just in time for lunch Friend: Perfect!

    Austin Traffic Lulz: A Rough Sketch Outline…

    March 21st, 2013

    Me: Noice
    Yay employeeness.

    A: Indeed! And I’m so glad that I won’t have to get up at 4 in the goddamn morning in order to be there by 8.
    I’ll still have to get up at 5:30 or so, but that’s a damn sight better.

    Me: Oh thank gods.
    So this is the closer one?

    A: Yes and no. Still an hour and a half of travel — because I have to go SOUTH to go NORTHWEST.
    By car, 10 miles, 20 minutes.

    Me: Ahhh, yes.
    I swear, CapMetro simply throws a string of yarn at the map and calls it a bus route.

    A: Well, in fairness, Ed and I long ago concluded that the roads in Austin were determined by spraying Silly String at a relief map.

    Me: Much unlike San Antonio.

    *REDACTED Personal blather and Lengthy map link*

    A: All the roads get so dang wiggly that you can’t even tell!

    Me: Three loops, roughly concentric-esque.
    Spur freeways.

    A: Huh!
    And all the roads are GRIDS, imagine that!

    Me: Doin’ it right
    Austin: Whoa, dude, suddenly we’re growin’
    Austin Mayor: Huh, we might wanna address that traffic.
    Austin: DUDE, seriously. Roads.

    A: Parks are nice, but… when you cannot GET to the parks, and when traffic is so bad that a 10 minute drive takes an hour…. roads.

    Me: Austin Mayor: Hang on, SOS wants somethin’
    Austin: Dude.
    Austin Mayor: Meh, ride Cap Metro.

    A: I could actually take train to work if I wanted… but somehow I think it’ll be better if I only maybe take it HOME.

    Me: Austin: We ain’t riding no goddamn train. Build more roads.
    Tx Gov Goodhair: OMG TOLLROADS!!!! LAWL! I gots GOOD hair!!!
    (sorry, I can’t stop myself)
    That and it helps me boil down municipal and state politics into an episode of Muppet Babies.

    A: Hahaha

    Me: Fuck. Now I got to add this to the blog.
    * Me sighs
    The shit I put up with.

    A: Hahaha!

    Yet Another SimCity Blogpost…

    March 19th, 2013

    Those who stray must be guided back to the path. Those who reject the path to enlightenment, must be destroyed. The power and the greatness of the Ori cannot be denied. It is the will of the Ori, that we should spread Origin to all those blessed by their creation.

    Those who seek the path to enlightenment must not be led astray!

    Hallowed are the Ori.

    In case you’ve missed it, the Internet has been ablaze over the failed launch of the latest edition of Electronic Arts’ SimCity franchise. With its forced “always on” required internet connection to encourage a “multiplayer environment”, a thinly veiled disguise for Digital Rights Management control, horrific AI, smaller map sizes, wonky server management, this game broke my heart before I even opened my wallet.

    Gave it a test run off a buddy’s laptop the other day while trying to make my mind up on whether to defy the Internet and believe or to drop some birthday cash on a Doctor Who audioplay and some classics off of Good Ol’ Games’ website. While some of the graphics were rather fancy, some of the gameplay fascinating, the flaws were pretty glaring.

    Do a search for articles on Kotaku, Penny Arcade, linked articles off of Fark. They put it way better than I can, to be honest.

    It’s a shame. I remember back in the 80’s when EA actually stood for quality gaming, by gamers for gamers. Slowly, but surely, they broke my heart. Biggest heartbreak of them all would have to be the failure that is the current version of SimCity.

    Ah well, at least SC4 still works. I should fire that up for old time’s sake.

    Going To Get Harder As You Get Older…

    December 28th, 2012

    Or As I Call It, “Office Politics.”

    Guessing it’s time for my quarterly report?


    I’ll just assume so and dig in. What the hell, the cat’s literally snoring on her perch in my office. Damn, I wish I had my video camera handy. Meh, getting distracted. It is pretty damn funny though, never heard her do that before.

    So, yeah, jamming out to Dogs as I write this. I found that if you treat the song as a metaphor for the workplace and the invisible backstabbing that goes on there, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Loads of chicanery afoot as folks climb that ladder, no doubt about it.

    I was never one for ladders or heights, but I do know how to make a sandwich. Sometimes that’s all one needs. Perhaps I’ll write more tomorrow as I shake the post-Christmas Rush euphoria, knowing me I’m telling you an egregious falsehood and really may not even bother until Sunday or, like last time, four months from now. Meantime I’ll just relax to the sounds of Floyd and just relax.

    Happy Christmas, everybody.